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The Five Biggest Premiership Disappointments this Season

The Five Biggest Premiership Disappointments this Season

With Manchester united running away with the title and nobody (nobody who matters anyway) really caring who gets relegated we have decided to look at who are the 5 biggest disappointments in the premiership this season. Here’s the list feel free to disagree, but know that you will be wrong if you do.

Manchester City – this is a no brainer, you could build a top five list of Manchester city employees all by itself. Mancini is of course claiming that he was given no money to spend so it’s not his fault, now correct me if I’m wrong Roberto but didn’t you have about 200 million or so pounds to build this team? Now you are 12 points off the top, out of the champion’s league and looking more and more the fool every day. From your handling of the Balotelli situation, to your insistence that Samir Nasri is anything more than a journeyman who produced 6 good months for Arsenal you are quickly becoming the joke that actual football fans already considered you to be. If you had played some good football along the way we may respect you but you didn’t, and we don’t. The sooner the blight of Manchester City is removed from the football world the better, once the owner gets bored and leaves we can all go back to not watching them in the first division.

Fernando Torres – I almost feel bad about slamming Torres, surely it’s all been said before but seriously £50 million pounds?? Now as stupid decisions go this one is saved from being the worst ever by the fact that Liverpool spent most of the money on Andy Carroll (hilarious) but it is still pretty bad. Fernando was the only reason anyone tolerated Liverpool for 3 years, and he was brilliant. The arrogance, the talent, the pace, he had it all it was a joy to watch, even if you did have to travel to a slum to do do so. The only reasonable explanation to hire a man lie Benitez is to get the best out of Torres and even he hasn’t managed to move the Spaniard out of first gear. The shy retiring little boy that plays in Chelsea blue is a shadow of the man he was, Torres could have been a great, in the league of Henry and Cantona instead he’s just a flash in the pan and frankly it just makes me sad.

Arsenal – The team everybody loves to hate, now I know that there are currently calls for Wenger’s head (this is just dumb btw, Arsene will walk into any club in Europe) but the rot at Arsenal football club goes far deeper than Wenger. Watching Arsenal this season is like watching a racehorse that thinks it’s a duck, the team is packed with talent and yet they just can’t get turn the waddle into a gallop. The defence seems to think they just have to stand there and the little teams will quake, while the attack only gets motivated when Jack Wilshere (a 20 year old kid just back from a major injury) forces them to. The leadership gap at Arsenal goes far deeper than Wenger and if they are not careful they will soon find out what Tottenham’s end of champions league qualification day feels like.

Wayne Rooney – “The Roon” continues to disappoint, how much longer we have to swallow the idea that Rooney is any more than an average striker. If Rooney was not English would Hansen and Carragher and the rest act like he was any more than a 15 goal a season striker plying his trade at the best club in the league? Rooney has suffered this season from not being United’s only game in town and when you see what a real striker, like RVP, can do at the head of the United Attack you have to wonder what is the point of Rooney?

Liverpool – I don’t know if this even counts as a disappointment, Liverpool have been awful for years, Stevie G continues to decline to the point where asking him to play seems cruel, but who else do they have? The disappointment for me comes in the form of Brendan Rogers. Rogers is a man who can build a club, Swansea is testament to that, he understands that football is more than just the next game, he is far more Arsene Wenger than Harry Redknapp. Why then are Liverpool so bad? Rogers seemed like the man to stop the rot, but signs so far are not positive, maybe it’s just that Liverpool are perennially cursed. The sense of entitlement that hangs around the club like a bad smell is palpable, every former player is an expert and the fan base are more interested in singing “you’ll never walk alone” than actually watching a winning team, these are the kind of things that are bound to piss off the football gods. If that’s the case I hope Rogers decides to jump ship and take on a new project (Rumour has it the Arsenal Job is about to be available), if not he will soon see what a lonely walk anfield road can truly be.

That’s my top 5 although there are plenty more; feel free to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments section.

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  1. Travelling to a slum to do so (lol) nice article but you are way off about City We will rise again!

  2. No you won’t go back to the mediocrity your awful club deserves!